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With over 20 years of Leadership Development experience in top-tier firms, I help leaders continue to develop as they face new challenges. This results in a positive impact on their teams and the organisation overall.



Executive Coaching

Together we will create a plan to establish a leadership style that makes the most of your strengths and aligns with your organisation’s vision.

Our initial Discovery Session will focus on understanding your strengths as well as your challenges to set clear, achievable outcomes for your coaching programme. As part of that session, we will review input from a variety of sources: feedback from your manager/peers, recent performance reviews and upward/360 feedback. If needed, I will collect 360 feedback from a set of nominated individuals on your team. We will also review your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profile to understand your natural preferences and how they may impact how you interact with others.

Once we have established your goals, we will meet on a regular basis to review your progress and decide how to adjust behaviours that might be getting in your way. You will have access to ongoing support via email, Voxer (messaging app) and phone between sessions.

At the end of the programme, we will collect feedback again to measure progress made over the period, and identify what to focus on next.



Leadership Development

We will explore and optimise how your team works together, in order to develop the next generation of leaders. We will build on elements that are working well, and identify - and provide solutions for - areas that need improvement.

My workshops and ongoing programmes are carefully tailored to support your organisation’s needs. If your organisation needs to improve team culture and behaviours, increase engagement and commitment, or establish best practices for conflict resolution, team coaching can help.

Using systems-based coaching techniques I help ensure honest and direct communication, improve morale, and tackle collaboration issues to create a solid foundation for improved performance of the team.



Typical Clients Include:

 •  Investment Partners & Principals
 •  Future Female Leaders
 •  Functional Leaders (IR, Talent, Finance)

 •  Newly formed
 •  Experiencing fast growth
 •  Facing challenges (communication, alignment/engagement, conflict)



Contact me to discuss how I can support your organisation.